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Waggin Trails Rescue Foundation

"Saving a life........One dog at a time."

Waggin’ Trails presents an animal once a month at the 2nd monthly Huntington Beach City Council meeting.  The Orange County Humane Society brings an animal to these meetings that is currently housed at their shelter on Newland Avenue, Huntington Beach in hopes of getting the animal adopted quickly as well as educate the public on the importance of rescuing animals from shelters instead of buying them.  They will quickly tell you that a shelter animal dies each time one is purchased from a store.

To date, every animal that has been shown off at one of the Council meetings has been adopted.

Some of the dogs featured in this video came from shelters in the California Central Valley.  These are open air shelters with no human traffic.  The only way out for these dogs is a rescue organization.  Waggin’ Trails Rescue Foundation takes approximately 50 of these poor unwanted creatures per month to amazing like rescues in Washington State and Calgary, Canada.  They will all be adopted in amazing homes and are able to live a happy life with their new human families.

2015 Wags-n-Wine Fundraising Event

This poor old boy was found in an industrial yard, totally neglected. He was barely hanging on until a good Samaritan asked to take him and provide a better home for him. Our rescue driver, Lee, had found him a great home in Washington State where he could live out his life on a ranch with other dogs and animals and a lot of love. He rode along with our small dog transport, but instead riding in a kennel, he rode “shotgun” all the way to Washington State. A happy ending for a wonderful dog that has been good to mankind for many years.

The shelter asked us to take 9 month old puppy Reilly after he was found wandering in a park with a broken leg. Unfortunately, most shelters don't have the funding or the physical resources to care for injured animals that require expensive and long term care, so unless a rescue steps up, these animals have no hope of leaving the shelter. Reilly got lucky though and found his way to Waggin Trails. With the care of a great veterinary orthopedist and lots of love, Reilly is on the mend and will be ready for a forever family soon. He is a super sweet boy who has a zest for life and loves everyone. He is about nine pounds and is probably a terrier mix. He loves sleeping on the pillow next to his person's head (or across their neck), passing out kisses to whomever wants one and going with the family wherever they go. He's a quiet boy with a very gentle but playful disposition. He gets along with other dogs and would be a great family dog for gentle children. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. If you'd like more information or would like to meet Reilly, please contact us at Waggin Trails.

Our video from Pups N Pinot  (now renamed Wags N Wine for 2013)

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