More Happy Endings

A note from Beatrice's new family:


Hi, thought I’d send a quick update on Beatrice! She has been excelling in her work with separation anxiety as well as her confidence level with other dogs. She has been initiating play at her dog training group, and will let puppies play with her now!


She has also been cuddling up a storm. She loves to sleep on your feet or your pillow at night, and jumps into your lap and licks your face whenever she feels like you need a little pick-me-up.


Beatrice LOVES to walk but HATES the cold and the snow.  We have been putting her in boots to help her little feets stay warm. I’ve attached a couple videos of her in boots!


We are so lucky to have Beatrice, and look forward to snuggling, playing, and walking with her.

A note from Estella's new family:


All is going well with our girl, who we have renamed Emmy.  She is getting more comfortable all the time.  She has 3 canine cousins and my daughters and their husbands and lots of family to get used to and she is doing great.  She knows to go to the bathroom outside but still does occasionally go in the house if we are not vigilant.   She eats her Acana kibble and a chopped chicken meatball every night for dinner and really enjoys eating!!   She loves going for walks and is a great walker.   In short, we love her to bits!   Thanks for the service you and your agency provide.   It is so nice to know we have saved this little life through you!

A note from Jack's new family:


Jacks is doing awesome . He has settled right in with his big sister Stella, It was like he was always here . He is a total love bug and as you can see very excited about Christmas :)

A note from Tail's (formerly Hiro) new family:


Our new addition to the family now named Tails. He has come a long way from where he first started. He graduated from pet training! Tails and I learned a lot during those training sessions. Although he still warming up to some people he is slowly accepting that he is in a safe space. Tails loves to cuddle, and play with his stuffies. Tails was skeptical and disliked other dogs but now loves his cousins!

A note from Carlos' new family:


I changed Carlos name to Cody. He is very settled in my home. He is definitely keeping me busy (in a good way) my whole family has fallen in love with him.

A note from Dahlia's new family:


We call her Lady.  Her favorite spot is cuddling beside my husband while he is watching TV.  She sleeps with us on her favorite blanket in between our pillows.  We are so amazed how fast she adapted to us, our other dog Maggie and any visitors that come to the home.  Whenever someone comes in she is right there to welcome them and loves for them to pick her up and make a fuss over her.


Here is a picture of her in her favorite spot.



A note from Shelby's new family:


Shelby is so wonderful!  We love her so much.  She fits in with our pack like she’s always been here.  She plays with the big dogs as well as her chihuahua sister.

She adds a fun energy to the house that’s hard not to laugh at....especially when she gets the ‘zoomies’ every night and does circles around the island!


We decided to keep her name ‘Shelby’ because it suited her so much.   Or we call her Shelbs or


I thank my lucky stars we have her in ours every time I look at that sweet face

Thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier:)





A note from Squirrel's new family:


We are head over heels in love with our fur baby Squirrel and she fit right into our family from the first day we fostered her.

We have kept her name as Squirrel since it suits her so well. :)

She is a cuddly little girl who loves lap snuggles and sunshine.

She has already learned to “ask” to go outside for her potty time and she happily prances beside us on her leash during walks.

Her recall is incredible when we are at dog parks and she loves to chase rabbits or squirrels at top speed when she sees them.


She and my daughter love to do “morning sprints” up and down our upstairs hallway chasing each other back and forth on s daily basis after breakfast.

Squirrel is incredible with my spirited and non stop energy kiddo and always gentle around children of all ages.


Who would have thought that by us wanting to help save a pup’s life that she in turn would change ours?!!!!

We adore our Squirrel Girl and we are eternally grateful to Pawsitive Match for bringing us all together.

Our family is complete with our “Squirrel Coco Keenan” in it!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

A note from Pollyanna's new family:


I did change her name to Roxie. She is doing awesome. Her and my youngest cat are best friends and they wrestle and play all the time. She is definitely keeping me busy.


I take her for two walks a day and I recently ventured to the offleash fenced park the other day. She does great with other dogs! I can't say a bad thing about her - I'm very much in love with her. And she is getting very spoiled and very loved. I've attached a few photos.

A note from Lucia's new family:


She is happy, sweet, cuddly & active. When it’s not too cold she really loves her walks. She tries to play with my old dog Baillie but B is just too old. Almost 17!!  So Lucy & I have play time every day after wo.rk


She has more coats & sweaters than I do!!  I will send pictures.

We bonded quite quickly, probably because I am a long haul truck driver & she is with me 24/7.







A note from Cleo's new family:


Cleo is starting to toughen up with the weather and enjoys running in the snow now.  Here she is as a Christmas Reindeer. We are very proud of the progress she has made with us since we started our relationship by fostering her in October.  She sleeps with my ten year old daughter nightly and loves our other +M rescue, Strawberry the cat.  They are roughly the same age and they romp and play together all the time and even nap together.  So very cute

A note from Cher's new family:


I renamed her to Cali because my moms name is Cheryl and that’s just too similar! She picked up on her new name right say.  She fits in so perfect with all the dogs in our family.  She just finished level one agility a couple days ago! She can do jumps, tunnels, bridges, and a few other obstacles. I would say she was the best in the class but I may be biased. She loves playing with her toys, especially her little lamb chop which is her favorite.







A note from Blake's new family:


Blake (now called Boozo) is doing great! It took him some time to get comfortable around all of us but now it seems like he has been in our family for years. Boozo loves to play, eat and cuddle. I’m pretty sure he has gained a couple of pounds since we first met him.


We are trying to teach him some new tricks and getting him used to visitors, strangers and other dogs. I’m hoping some classes will help him stay calm around unfamiliar situations.


Overall, we are very happy we waited for Boozo and we’re looking forward to more memories with our best boy.



A note from Timmy's new family:


Timmy is doing very well. He has settled in and seems quite happy. He has even lost some weight. He just got a shorter hair cut and has really been feeling himself lately. He knows he looks good.


His brother Elliot (another pawsitive match rescue) has gotten used to him and is warming up to him. Sometimes they play together but they mostly just do their own thing.


We all just moved to a house so that they have a yard they can play in. I think they will be very happy.









A note from Scout's new family:


Me and my family feel so lucky and blessed to have Scott (now Bruno) in our life!! We love him SOOO much.  During the summer, I lost both my fur babies within a few weeks apart. I was absolutely distraught, and being that I was 9 months pregnant, I thought it would be a good idea to foster a dog (haha). I signed up for a number of rescue companies, and Pawsitive Match not only got back to me, but replied within few days of my application. Within a week or so, I notice that they were getting a bunch of little dogs from San Jose. I was so excited, that I signed up to be a foster for those dogs - and Pawsitive Match recommended Scott (Bruno), as he was very sweet and would be good with kids.


When I took Bruno home, he was this sweet, shy, and scared little dog. My husband warned me not to get attached, as we knew we weren't keeping him. A handful of application came for Scott, but unfortunately it didn't work out or cancelled the meeting. He initially had some behavioural issues like, peeing in the house, jumping on the table to eat food and barking at strangers outside. Thankfully, you guys provided a dog behaviourist to assess him. I followed her advice and he stopped peeing in the house. I think my husband nonchalantly said he feels bad that he's getting used to us and then he would have to get adjusted to a new family. I took that as in..."We're adopting him"!!! Hahaha.


Sorry for such a long story. In the end, I feel like he was meant to be with us. Every situation was telling me to adopt him - and once I allowed myself to accept him, he accepted us. Since then, he has literally been the best dog in the world!! Never has any accidents in the house, protects my son whenever other dogs or strangers are nearby and he is so cuddly. I am sooooo happy with this Pawsitive Match. You guys do such an amazing job, and thank you so much for completing my family

A note from Benny's new family:


Benny is still named Benny! We did give his alter ego a nickname though, so whenever he is acting crazy or does something bad (like snatching a chip right out of the chip bowl when no one is looking) we call him Cheesebun. There was definitely a bit of a transition period, but he has settled in really well. Whenever we come in the door (whether we have been gone for a couple hours or 30 seconds) he gives us the warmest welcome. He is so cuddly, and will take any chance he can get to get some love. He is obsessed with popcorn- he will awake from a dead sleep if he hears the popcorn bag being opened. He also LOVES playing outside, I think he would live outside if we would let him. He has been enjoying lots of walks! I really can’t imagine our life without him, I love him so much. I have attached some pictures below! He also has his own Instagram! @cheesebunbenny


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