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Waggin Trails Rescue Foundation

"Saving a life........One dog at a time."

Welcome to Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation

501c3 Non Profit Organization


In a word, Waggin' Trails is a lifesaver. We rescue companion animals scheduled for death due to lack of space in California shelters, as well as other neglected or abused animals. We have volunteers throughout the state of California, and friends and partners in many states and Canada.


The problem of homeless animals in California continues to worsen in this challenging economy. Now, in addition to our continued focus on special needs animals and our foster program, we have been called to act to help the ever-rising population of animals who beg for rescue. In an effort to help, Waggin' Trails was established. We animals to areas such as Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Western Canada where shelters are less impacted and these animals are readily adopted. We partner with organizations sharing our rescue philosophy and procedures that speak to a high standard in order to ensure these worthy animals are placed in excellent homes.


Waggin' Trails Transport Information

Thank you very much for choosing Waggin' Trails as your transport partner. We provide transport from Napa, California to Oregon, Washington (Canadian border) and Idaho once per month for dogs rescued from shelters from throughout California. We treat each passenger like he or she is a part of our family. We strive to make the trip as stress free and comfortable as possible. Animals are transported in size appropriate crates that we provide. Bedding is provided and changed as necessary. There are periodic potty and water stops along the route where the animals are walked and watered.


We primarily transport dogs but other small companion animals may be able to ride as well. Please carefully review the transport requirements information. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.




It is up to the sending parties to make sure the proper vaccinations have been given to the dogs going to the various states and what that state or country requires. Some rescues have additional conditions for receiving animals.

Always ask the receiving party - Rules and Regulations can and do change.


Some Recommendations: Nasal Boardatella (injections often do not work), UTD DHLPP or DHPP

What we do know:

Canada-Rabies 12 wks and older.

Washington- law requires dogs entering state to have health certificate, heartworm test and rabies vaccination unless under 6 months old.  No exceptions


Oregon's Animal Health Reg.

Washington Dept Of Ag.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency




Will change with each transport/date


Transport starts in Napa, California, depending on where dogs are rescued.  Driver travels as far south as Orange County to pick up dogs from high kill shelters.  We then continue to pick up along the Interstate 5 corridor.  Transports go to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and the Canadian Border.



We request that all payments be made through Paypal. Paypal is secure, convenient and is easily executed online. Payment must be received 4 days prior to transport. If things change and you find that you did not get as many dogs as originally expected, a refund will be issued promptly. Paypal takes up to 4 days to transfer funds and it is imperative that funds are available to our driver to use for fuel.


When making your Paypal payment, please be sure to include: Transport date, your name, name and or A#(s) of dog(s).

If you do not include needed information, we will not be able to issue credit to you.


Please consider giving a tip to our driver, Lee. He is very generous with his time and resources. You may use his Paypal account or tip him directly ( Please do not send tips for Lee to Waggin' Trails although Waggin' Trails kindly accepts donations!


Go directly to  and send monies owed for transport to


Price Guide Per Dog

Small up to 30 lbs is $50

Medium 31-45 lbs is $65

Large 46-65 lbs is $80

Extra large 56 lbs and more is $95


Note About Fees

If we were able we would not charge any transport fees, however, we need the fees to defray the cost of van rental, gas, insurance and lodging for our drivers.  We hope to purchase our own transport van in the near future, however, currently rent a cargo van for each of our transports.  It’s a long way from Napa California, then down to Southern California, and back up all the way to Oregon, Washington, and Cours d’Alene, Idaho.  Fuel costs and lodging costs alone run upwards of $1800 per trip.  Thus far, Waggin’ Trails Rescue Foundation, through fundraising efforts, has successfully been able to defray most of the costs.  If, some day, we reach a point where fees cover expenses, any excess funds will be used strictly for rescue.




We ask that you not send "aggressive" dogs on transport. We recognize that some dogs act unpredictably in new situations, so if you are sending a dog that has any propensity to nip, please use a muzzle. The muzzle must be of the type that allows the dog to pant. No exceptions.





This rule is simple! If a dog is contagious, it cannot ride. We cannot risk infecting other dogs. Simple kennel cough can kill puppies in just a few please, consider the health of the other dogs. Transport runs frequently and the dog can go on the next trip when well.




If you are sending items with your dogs DO NOT place them in the crate with the dog. If the dog soils the crate, the bedding is changed and placed into bags to be washed at a later time. We cannot tell your bedding from ours! Bag and tag everything! Do not send medicines, leashes, etc. in the envelopes. They can fall out. Please send in a paper bag with the name of the dog, A#'s and the name of the person picking the dog up listed on the bag, just as you would the envelope. It is up to the person sending to make sure the items are getting on the transport and the person picking up should double check before leaving the pick up spot.



Please walk your dogs before dropping off at transport. If there will be a substantial wait before transport departs, volunteers will walk the dogs again before transport departs unless you ask us not to.



Please see example to right of how paperwork should look. Please do not send loose papers! Please place paperwork in an envelope labeled with the name of person or rescue receiving the dog. If the dog is from a shelter, A#'s may be used rather than a name. The information must be printed clearly on the envelope. DO NOT SEAL THE ENVELOPE. We must have the paperwork for the dog to ride on transport.


If transporting in your own crate, please place label or piece of masking tape with same information (receiving party and A# and/or dog's name on the crate). If using the transporter's crate, please help him transfer this information to a sticker or masking tape and place on dog's new crate when the dog is transferred. New! It would be very helpful to have a picture of each dog on the envelope. It may often be taken off of shelter records. If there is not one provided, please take picture of dog(s) and attach.

Each dog must have proper identification, otherwise they will not be taken on transport.



Even though we provide the crate that the dogs ride in, it's nice to know which dog is which. A simple piece of masking tape with the dog's name/A# placed on top of the crate that can be pealed off and re-stuck to its transport crate (within easy view if the crates are stacked) saves hours of frustration, headache and paper searching. Be sure the name or A# used also correlates with what you have on your envelope(s). We do not want the right dogs in the wrong place or the wrong dogs in the right place.



No food After 8pm the night before transport (unless there is a medical condition/puppies etc. and the dog must eat, you supply food and food dish). Dogs with full bellies often need to relieve themselves and find themselves very uncomfortable or get sick and vomit. We do not want to add this extra stress to the animals, or the transport driver.



Water is fine and recommended any day any time. Water Bottles are available. Just ask, otherwise the dogs are watered at the stops.



Above is a picture of the type of tags you'll need. They are the ones with the writing area and metal ring. Please write the dog's name and the person where the dog will be delivered to on this tag and attach to their color with a small string. These tags are easily purchased at your hardware store or stationary store.

Paper collars are an option as well.

This will ensure that even if by chance the crate is labeled incorrectly the info on the dog will tell everyone if it is correct or not. Name or ID# of dog and the name and cell phone number of who its going to is all that is needed to ensure it gets to the proper place.



Do you provide the crates?   Yes we do.


What time will you arrive?   That depends on your location, estimate when the van is leaving its location, there are great programs you can download that give you step by step instructions I use Google Earth.


Can my dog eat?   Not after 8pm unless it has health conditions or is a puppy nursing mom etc. There are nutrition supplements available at pet food stores that you can give your dogs before drop off like Nutrical or Nutristat that you can give him or her prior to transport if you wish. Why? When a dog eats it has to go somewhere, we do not want the dog to have to sit in its own waste, or vomit, or attempt to hold it and be uncomfortable during its ride.


Will my dog be walked?   Yes, unless you would rather we didn't. We have two stops along the route up where they are walked and watered.


What do the transport fee's cover?  It covers van rental, gasoline, insurance, and hotel room for driver. .


Can we pay cash when he drops off?   NO, Paypal only please.


Will you take checks?   Yes, please contact Ingrid Campagne for mailing information.


Are we allowed to tip the driver?   Absolutely! He is a wonderful man who has been doing

this out of kindness and for the love of animals for many years. Please tip generously.





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